New Years Resolution? Get & Stay Healthy!

Oh, Unicorns. Yeah. I said it. I’m going to commit to getting healthy. Isn’t this the most popular New Year’s resolution out there? I’m ok with following the masses just this once haha. I have got to get my health in gear! Not just for the look of it. However, I DO want to be more comfortable in my clothes and be more confident, that’s not the major reason. I need to be healthy for myself. My body is tired and I know it’s because of the extra weight. It’s also what I’m putting in my body….hello cinnamon rolls, Blow-Pops, and cake pops. Yikes. No more.  I’m ready to feel better for 2019! Oh by the way, I plan to lose….wait for it….wait for it….60 pounds in 2019!! *GASP* I know it sounds a little crazy but I’m making it HAPPEN.

My first challenge? Drink more water and eat less sugar. Everyone knows how much I love my sweets so let’s hope I can find something to replace it! I’ll be doing lots of research to find something to replace that craving. If you have an idea, comment it for me. I’ll take any tips I can get! 🙂

I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on my progress as well 🙂 I never thought I’d be adding a weight loss journey to my blog posts but here we go!

Also, I just signed up for Bulu Box-Weight Loss Box. I’m pretty excited to discover products to help me with this journey! I’ll update you on how I like this subscription as well with a post and an unboxing video once I get my first box for January! 🙂

Image result for bulu box
Bulu Box







Well that’s it for now, Tribe! I’ll be posting more frequently on many different topics for the new year. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to connect with me on all social media platforms for more 🙂 I’d love to connect with you all.

Alright 2018-Thank you, next! Here’s to the best 2019 we can ask for and then some. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

With love and magic,




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